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Don’t Mess With Mrs. B!

[10:55] Mrs. Brownman: from my coworker Bill: “whats wrong with your hair?”

[10:56] Brownman: ur hair? With the new color job you got done yesterday?

[10:56] Mrs. Brownman: yeah

[11:01] Brownman: well if he could see beyond slanted eyes he’d tell that it’s just awesome
[11:02] Brownman: maybe the red color makes him squint further?
[11:02] Brownman: or Asians can’t see darker colors?
[11:02] Brownman: hence why they drive recklessly cuz they dont see the road at all
[11:02] Brownman: hmm but that might be cuz they’re too short too see over the dashboard
[11:02] Brownman: but yea. ur perfect
[11:02] Brownman: FTN (fuck that n**ga)

[11:03] Mrs. Brownman: lol he said he was just asking to piss me off

[11:04] Brownman: oh. well then comments withdrawn

[11:04] Mrs. Brownman: lol
[11:04] Mrs. Brownman: thanks for standing up for me baby 🙂

[11:05] Brownman: im big and bad on IM

[11:05] Mrs. Brownman: lol


2 Responses

  1. My racist instant message hero.

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