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Movie Review: The Other Guys

A few weeks ago we saw this movie…and not enough happened in it to compel me to write about it. I was just starting to get into my Will Ferrell groove again, he won my heart back with Step Brothers and I began appreciating the older flicks like “Talladega Nights”.

But let me not lose all hope in Will. It’s his annoying partner in crime Mark Whalberg. He was absolutely awful in this movie. Will had some great lines which seemed improv. Mark- his attempt at improv fell flat. The movie itself had a weak plot and the chuckles were too sparse. In short- the funniest moments were already seen in the commercials.

This movie would have probably been better if they used Samuel Jackson and Dwayne Johnson more. Yea, I can’t believe I said that too.

Let’s just get this over with. 2.2 Poop Sticks out of 5. If I had to take a crap and compare said crap to the most beautiful paintings of the world…this movie would be like something a 3rd grader drew. Now Step Brothers- that movie was the Picasso of craps, the most relieving dump you can take.


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