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Fifi/Mrs. Brownman Blogs: Tornado in NY

Mrs. Brownman takes the railroad home into Long Island from the City. Yesterday was one of many times New York shows its lack of organization. We have already come to terms that if it rains the subways will malfunction and crawl through the tunnels. When we have chaotic weather like last night’s tornados and heavy downpours, the train don’t run at all and get cancelled.

“So I get off the subway train and headed towards the railroad,” Mrs. Brownman began after she calmed down in the car when I picked her up from the train, “and then I hit a wall of people. No one moved. I couldn’t even walk back to the train I came from. I just needed to hit a corner to get out of the station and it took me half an hour. And all the cops at Penn Station. What do they do? WATCH you. That’s it. No word of what’s going on, no direction, nothing. All Long Island trains out of the city were suspended but the New Jersey Transit trains were running.”

A) The Jersey Girls

“A few hundred people behind me I hear some chicks yelling…as though to rally everyone in the same situation as them: ‘New Jersey Transit trains! Make room! New Jersey Transit, let’s get going!’”

“All I could think is: ‘where the fuck are you going to go??’ Clearly a wall of people isn’t going to move or part because we were wall-to-wall!”

B) The Minorities

“And a girl was next to me. She was on the phone giving the play-by-play to whom I guess her significant other. Complaining how she hasn’t moved an inch in 5 minutes. So she must have said something in her conversation that wasn’t too pleasing to a few chicks right behind us and they began getting riled up.

“Behind us I heard ‘You shouldn’t talk about someone when they’re close enough to punch you in the face!’ They kept mumbling until the same girl said ‘I’m fucking spanish you piece of white trash!’”

C) The Seat Incident

“Then on the crowded M Train, I saw something I thought I’d never see. I’d hope to never see. A lady holding the same pole next to me kept looking behind me periodically until she finally said ‘Excuse me! You want to sit down? You want to sit?’

“I look around and saw no one …I’m sure she wasn’t talking to me. She then said ‘I’m sure one of these people will get up and give you a seat’. WHAT THE HELL? It’s already a crowded train and I see an old guy shimmy his way through the throng of people. A guy already sitting down eventually got up and gave the lady a dirty look. Who does that?? I know it’s a nice gesture but you’re telling me people are starting to call you out of your own seat so that you give it up? I have to now pretend I’m sleeping all the time??”


4 Responses

  1. You write from Mrs. Brownman’s voice so well — I could SO hear her saying those exact things in the tone I know she said them in!

  2. Ha! It was pretty much verbatim Dori.

    Please note Jersey Girls and The Minorities were actually the same girls in this story. Just thought I should point that out.

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