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Burn in Hell/Jersey, E!

[11:30] E: i have determined October 1st is the gayest day of the year
[11:31] E: whenever i have to select that date in a drop down menu here at work, i hit the Home key to jump to day 1, then the O key for October. So as I select these on multiple items, all that goes through my head is “Home. O. Home. O…”

[11:35] Brownman: HA!
[11:36] Brownman: thank goodness i wasn’t born on Home. 0.
[11:36] Brownman: i’d never hear the end of it from you

[11:36] E: you shave your chest and live on long island. every day is Home O for you.

[11:37] Brownman: trim. i trim my chest. and you come from jersey, land of queer rules

[11:40] Chat Message: E is offline

[11:41] Brownman: yea you better run in shame, pansy Jersian.

[11:40] Chat Message: E is online

[11:43] E: that burn hurt so bad, you made AIM crash

[11:45] Brownman: thought you went to change your birth certificate to NY

[11:45] Chat Message: E is offline


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