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Too Close

Foreigners have the least etiquette of any people I know. They come to this country and feel they can invade a brotha’s personal space with no problem. I am not focusing on a particular race – they all do it. Tourists are the biggest culprit too.

At the Bronx Zoo a few weeks back we were at the gorilla exhibit taking pics when this jackass Russian or Croatian or Boogaboogian began inching in with his faggy camera. I had no space to take a pic anymore of the gracious creatures so I took pics of their opposite descendants: the rude homoeuropeans.

Notice their lack of coordination and determination to get a pic of animals that belong on the other side of the glass with us observing the homoeuropeans together. Boils my water how rude these jackasses are. If kids weren’t around a series of f-bombs would have been dropped louder than what I originally mumbled to him. Note his lack of awareness for his surroundings.


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