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Cunt’s Spawn

I have a sort-of reason why my boss, Cunt, is such a dunt (dumb cunt). I overheard her telling a few people that she’s pregnant. Not sure how long, but the mood swings are unbearable. She has been high strung since I met her earlier this year but as of late she has just been uber intense.

The odd thing is she smokes. I’ve complained in the past how she will take many smoke breaks during the day while I get chewed out along with other coworkers if we take a non-smoker’s break for 5-10 minutes outside. Isn’t smoking- or even second smoking horrible for any fetus?

“I hate this dunt,” a very close friend said when I mentioned that my boss smokes during her pregnancy, “I just want to punch her in the stomach. I’d be doing that kid a favor. Smoking during a pregnancy is like animal cruelty. What the hell??”


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