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Work E-Mail

Here is a mock e-mail I was typing at work in reply to a previous one received. I was typing this just to make it look like I was working/had a reason for typing so much:

This is very random the things I type. Concurrent with the e-mail below, I am trying to type enough words to ensure those that pass by feel I am e-mailing RE: work related things; as opposed to me typing this much because all I do is IM all day. I will now pause this not-so-real e-mail seeing as there are no authorities around. Back to IMing.

Ok so where was I. Ah right, trying to pass time as the boss passes by…ok, brb e-mail. Boss isn’t looking. Back to IMing. Oh wait, let me look at paper to pretend I am referring to something. Nice shuffling of the stack of papers dude. Nice touch.


2 Responses

  1. Fumbling around the drawers in search of nothing is good too. Bonus points for muttering about Jones in accounting who never puts reports in folders.

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