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VagCunt is Yearning

Ok, I’ll just tell the story. No prejudging here. Quick recap:

I work with Vag, who is a mini follower and “yes man” to Cunt. Cunt is a real cunt. I mean real life, her lips are lose and flappy the way you’d imagine a cunt to be. Together, they form VagCunt and are virtually inseparable.

Inseparable until today. Sp Vag took the day off. Her cube is to the left of mine. Cunt walks out of her office (which is to the right) and walks around aimlessly. She asks me and a coworker who sits behind me “So do you miss Vag?”

“What? Why would I miss Vag?” the coworker says.

“Well you know, just as a person without her here.” Cunt is now inside Vag’s cubicle. She is looking around at all the picture hung up.

“It’s only been 2 hours, less than a day, since she’s been gone” I said.

I look up and I see Cunt’s face staring in my direction, looking at a calendar of Vag’s which contains pictures of her and family. I have never seen a more longing face.

I was afraid of slipping on Cunt’s juices because you could practically see the trail traced all the way back to her office. I swear Cunt stands erect for Vag in the weirdest ways. What would you think in a situation like this? Is that not creepy?


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  1. They’re doing it

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