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Restroom Options

We have a few restroom options at work. The closest option is the one I opt out of going to because it’s a single bathroom. This means if someone is waiting outside to use it they’ll follow into whatever stink either me or the previous person laid (in which they’ll just assume it’s me).

But there’s another reason I totally didn’t think about for not using the single toilet restroom. Women and men both use the same restroom. A coworker came back and said “Dude- it REEKS in there. There is an odor…like dead fish…I just can’t get it out of my nose.”

“Oh wow, I never thought about that ever happening because I guess in the public scene it’s always the men’s restroom for me… no co-ed.”

“I gotta never go there again.”

“Yea, at least in the men’s room you only have 2 smells for sure.”

“2? What other one is there…”

“Crap and urine?”

“Ooooh right. Urine.”



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