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I get lazy from time to time at home. A big pain in the morning is washing out the coffee canister with soap. It’s pretty clunky so to navigate around the sink if we didn’t wash last night’s dishes could get annoying. So this morning I looked at yesterday’s coffee swishing around in the canister and thought “WWWD”.

What Would Whites Do?

Well, they would rationalize that only coffee goes into the canister, so a quick rinse would suffice. No need for the over-sterilization- plus this will give more time to be lazy. I feel there’s a reason the Whites dominated for so long- so if they do something and live to tell the story, how bad can it be? Heck, this is the race that brought us the 5 Second Rule and Salami and can still live after eating these things (yea, salami is White to me…if you’re from Europe you’re White. I mean we know Mexicans as Hispanics, there is no difference here.)

By the way, I just found out there is something called “Smoked Pepper Salami Chub”. This clearly is used to define the process of my morning wood.


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