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History Lesson

[08:47] Tex Mex: ok, so i will start with this
[08:47] Tex Mex: which ethnic group do you think has the hardest time determining if a child is theirs. Blacks? Orientals? Indians? Hispanics? or Blacks?

[08:48] Brownman: hispanics
[08:48] Brownman: cuz they doing everyone and everything

[08:48] Bellies: blacks
[08:49] Bellies: cause they dont know who the baby daddy is

[08:49] Tex Mex: although funny Brownman, i meant a serious answer
[08:49] Tex Mex: not about baby daddy
[08:49] Tex Mex: about being able to look at a kid and really have an easy time seeing that the kid looks like them
[08:49] Tex Mex: I’d say blacks with orientals soon to follow

[08:49] Bellies: blacks

[08:50] Tex Mex: and by the way, i believe Brownman is biased towards hispanics
[08:50] Tex Mex: my opinion

[08:51] Brownman: based on all the kids these days…primarily the cheating hispanics…why wouldnt they be the ones trying to determine who the baby daddy?
[08:51] Brownman: oooh
[08:51] Brownman: oooh
[08:51] Brownman: my bad…didnt read Tex Mex’s full comment
[08:51] Brownman: lol
[08:51] Brownman: yea- asian

[08:54] Tex Mex: prime example of his biased thoughts towards hispanics,
[08:54] Tex Mex: i am shocked that u actually speak to me considering how u think of my ethnic background

[08:54] Brownman: know why im angry at hispanics today?
[08:54] Brownman: cuz of saved by the bell
[08:54] Brownman: and that college years episode
[08:55] Brownman: where slater finds his chicano identity
[08:55] Brownman: hate that episode

[08:58] Tex Mex: lmao

[09:01] Brownman: of all the races
[09:01] Brownman: who do u think makes the most noise about where they are from?
[09:02] Brownman: pride is one thing, but i mean…annoying noise

[09:02] Bellies: hispanics

[09:02] Brownman: agreed

[09:02] Tex Mex: WELL US, OF COURSE
[09:03] Tex Mex: See the reason why is that its inscribed into our inner selves to never forget where we come from
[09:03] Tex Mex: Bellies is a rare case

[09:04] Brownman: i agree one should never forget…well those that are born here cant remember
[09:05] Brownman: but i mean…i feel hispanics make it seem like they had struggles
[09:05] Brownman: and i feel like one of the biggest struggles were blacks
[09:05] Brownman: well original blacks
[09:05] Brownman: not current blacks

[09:06] Tex Mex: well ironically so did hispanics, spaniard dominance of the southern and central american lands was also like slavery faced by blacks here in the US of a

[09:15] Bellies: history

[09:16] Tex Mex: YES, HISTORY

[09:19] Brownman: cute


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