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Tip Guilt

We were in a hotel over the weekend visiting the in-laws. It was for 2 nights so in short stays we don’t allow housekeeping in since we don’t care to pre-tidy for them to avoid any judgement of our wish to be lazy on our vacation. We do our best to leave a tip big enough for someone who doesn’t even have to clean up while we were there.

Of course we pick up any garbage or stray towels prior to leaving and muster up about $5 for a tip. Unfortunately this past weekend we only had a dollar bill and 4 quarters for a tip. Ok, well we gotta leave something so that’d have to do.

But on our way out we run into an overly friendly Asian maid cleaning out the room next to ours. In her broken Eng-rish she bid us farewell and a happy day 3 times as I waited for Mrs. Brownman to evacuate the room.

How do you not feel guilty for leaving $2?


4 Responses

  1. Me thinks that the guilt stay in the room. Once you close da door, you move on.

  2. Because when asians are nice to you, chances are it’s because they hate you. They’re screwed up like that.

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