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The main honcho here didn’t like the phrase “doze off” in a marketing campaign. He said it sounded like a sleazy porn phrase or something. None of us could fathom how this is possible. We even asked that he clean up the phrase he was thinking about so we can understand what happens when one “dozes off”. He told us to forget it and I vowed to check in Urban Dictionary for clues. After the 4th word/phrase there under “doze” I finally see where the boss’ head is at:

5. Doze 5 up, 30 down

when you’re fucking someone up the ass and they have to take a dump, but you keep going and the shit on your wiener.

“did you hear that anna got dozed last weekend?”


2 Responses

  1. You’re never going to be able to look at him again without picturing shit on his wiener.

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