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Toilet Talk: Am I Sad?

Sitting atop the toilet next to my neighbor in the pic below, I think back to my Saturday afternoon. But not before I look back at the pic and realize I have an entire new blog post here. I couldn’t take the full pic of the guy’s foot because his ID badge is showing. Yup, I know the identity of the dude next to me crapping away…wouldn’t you take notice and hide the badge? I keep mine tucked in my pocket because I feel displaying your badge is nerdy to begin with, let alone allowing people to know who’s pooing away next to them. At least I know he uses toilet seat covers unlike many of his fellow white people.

Back to my story…we went to the Bronx Zoo on Saturday- for free with drinks and lunch – and ended the afternoon with drinks at the closest beer garden to us. It’s a place with beer and food outdoors- great way to end a day of seeing monkey ass.

We bumped into an old high school friend of the same age as me who recently broke up with her boyfriend and was at the beer garden after hitting up the museum which apparently has summer day parties with a live dj. She looked Mrs. Brownman, my sister, and myself over as we played Yhatzee and at the table with pitchers of booze and sangria. Despite our explanation of being at the zoo and then winding down with booze…she called us “sad”.

Again, she was the one at the museum during the day where they played music and now she’s there with friends to drink. I felt rather accomplished in comparison…and I didn’t even count the fact that I’m married already.

I’d be first to admit if anything I was doing seemed lame.


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