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The Bow Ties

Ah the bow tie. What? I didn’t tell you about the bow tie convo? Hah! Well let’s review!

I work at “Tired”. The Tired employees are just rigid. You can not poke up from your cube without hearing a conversation going on about work related topics. All the time. Sure, there’s silence for periods at a time- but then something work related comes up.

The other day I took a break from staring at the wall to listen in on a conversation going on. It was a Friday but I didn’t expect to hear actual Friday conversation. Well actually, it wasn’t Friday convo…it was just an out-of-the-blue convo:

“Yea man we should totally do it.”

“Yup- since we have to start wearing ties again after the end of summer: we all wear bow TIES!”

“It’s brilliant! Who else is on board? All us guys should totally do it.”

Imagine hearing a convo like that after a few months of nothing but work topics. Awkward and totally homo-friendly. The dudes want to poke humor at the dress code by wearing bow ties. It’s as genius as me thinking I’d like this job.


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