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HR Fails Me

I got an e-mail yesterday from our HR department. Now let me cut away Family Guy-style to the events leading up to the e-mail. When I first started here at “Tired” I was hounded by HR to complete my benefits paperwork. They had a hard deadline of mid June. I got a letter via snail mail and maybe 2 e-mails along with 2 reminders leading up to the last day.

I elected to not using Tired’s health benefits- only life insurance. That’s it. Which means I had 2-3 sheets of paper to send back, as opposed to maybe 10 that would be required if I signed up with them. 2-3 sheets.

Fast forward to 2 months later after the deadline for me to sign up, I get this e-mail:

“Due to an oversight, you were not enrolled… I want to confirm that you do in fact still want to enroll in life insurance… I apologize sincerely for the oversight.”

Oversight of 3 sheets? Really? It isn’t a big deal, obviously I would freak out if I did elect for health and they performed an “oversight” there. But the mere fact that they do this oversight- what else would they mess up?

Boils my water.


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