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These Young Indian Girls Sheesh

A friend of mine with a similar background/race of Indian, subsection D Chapter 6…or Quasi-Indian, recently broke up with his girlfriend. He invested about 4 years of his life with another Quasi-Indian who was a couple of years younger than him.

Now being a Quasi-Indian girl you’ll end up having similar living situations as your ancestors of India:

-Strict parents that would rather see you raped than date a human male before the age of 25

-Parents who do not let you out leave the house often for social gatherings

-Parents that won’t let you mumble the words that you want to move out…unless you don’t value your clitoris that much

The list goes on for the amount of lockdown an Indian chick encounters growing up. So she hits the age of 20ish and has the first boyfriend she’s allowed to flaunt in front of mom and dad. Now the boy at this point might be a few years older and oddly enough way more mature because he’s sown a few wild oats already. He has a car. He has a job. It’s all glitz and glam for our tiny ms. Indian.

Then a few years pass and lil Ms. Curryshine is allowed out later and off to various trips abroad. And that one faithful night she hits a club with a few of her female friends and cousins. There it is. The end of the relationship and the beginning of a new life formerly suppressed.

And my poor friend fell victim to this fate. The Quasi-Indian dames aren’t ready for a serious relationship until their late 20s. Those that are actually locked up with their original boyfriends may lash out later and want to just dance alone post-marriage with her single female friends.

It’s a sad cycle for decent guys like my boy- I only hope he realizes that you gotta get the white chicks because they have had all their fun in college by now.


2 Responses

  1. She didn’t have it so bad. The standard is to ship em back to India and marry them off to the son of the local priest.

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