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Weird Boss With No Culture

I have been involved in a weird office experiment or oddity as of late. There is a culture barrier between America and my boss. To help her cope she has been trying to change up her managerial style. I mentioned before she is the combo of team VagCunt at work, with her spearheading the Cunt. Or was it Vag? I forget. I’ll say Cunt.

Feels right- “Dry Cunt”. Her jokes are very dry due to her dry delivery – she’s so high strung that the only indicator that she is joking is if her beaten-down face gets interrupted with a momentary upward crack to hint a smile. At times she will try her darndest to fit in. A coworker nearby will converse with me from his neighboring cube and five conversations later she’ll come out of her office to crack a random joke referring to conversation #2.

Also to lighten the mood I hear her speaking behind me to a coworker and then “Brownman has 3 IM windows going on his computer!” I didn’t know how to respond other than “yea, I’m talking to Joe about a project for one of my IMs.”

Later on Joe, who heard the convo from his cube, IMed me saying “she was trying to be funny, like part of the gang…don’t take it personal.”

How do I know this? I got a boss who talks like she’s fighting everything you say- including when she agrees with you. Then when you think she’s somewhat assimilated with the office culture she fires off weird social comments in a monotone voice that I can’t function correctly. Dry Cunt needs some lube.


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