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Picture Perfect for the Brown Man

[09:54] Asian Friend: youuuuuuuuuuuuu
[09:54] Asian Friend: hello darkness

[09:55] Brownman: rising sun! how u doing

[09:56] Asian Friend: I’m good!
[09:56] Asian Friend: I uploaded your wedding pictures last night.
[09:56] Asian Friend: They were all so dark so I had to brighten almost all of them.
[09:56] Asian Friend: Except, even after I brightened them, I couldn’t see you.

[09:56] Brownman: ugh
[09:57] Brownman: i HATE that
[09:57] Brownman: it always happens to me!
[09:57] Brownman: if it wasnt for Mrs. Brownman’s glow i’d be lost in darkness

[09:58] Asian Friend: Yeah, you can see a shadow near her.
[09:58] Asian Friend: I assumed it was you.

[09:58] Brownman: hahahaha

[09:58] Asian Friend: Maybe you should have worn a white tux. The light reflecting off of you would have helped.

[09:58] Brownman: a shadow with a white tie
[09:59] Brownman: u kidding me? one of my groomsmen got married a few years ago in a white suit
[09:59] Brownman: he’s darker than me
[09:59] Brownman: i knew from then not to do white
[09:59] Brownman: its like a walking tux with no body in it

[09:59] Asian Friend: HAHAHAHAH


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