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Richard Gere is Your Man Crush, Really?

We had our weekly meeting with Boss Man. Boss Man is just one of many bosses that have ego trips at my job, “Tired”. He’s also socially inept so the most awkward conversations start at his mouth.

“Have any of you in here seen ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’? No one? You- you would like it because it’s all mushy and shit…” Boss Man began, looking at Beavis (the high gums chick I work with).

He continued since none of us 4 have seen the movie. Boss Man looked around the room. He began with me and did a double take before surveying all of us. “Ok everyone in here is straight and not of gay tendencies…you’re married, he has a girlfriend, Beavis has a boyfriend, and she’s married…”

“Whoa whoa,” I interjected “you had to do the double take and stare with me??”

“Well I had to think how to best determine everyones preference. So yea- I’m not gay at all. But of I had to choose a man to make love to it’s Richard Gere. Officer and a Gentleman: watch it!”

The conversation continued with how great and emotional this movie is. But I couldn’t help wonder why he had to put it as “I had to choose a man to make love to” as opposed to just having a man crush on Richard Gere. It’s usually less gay these days to put the word “man” in front of everything femme to make it less gay.

“So the sergeant went up to one guy and said ‘where are you from, son?!?’

‘Oklahoma, sir!

‘Only 2 things come from Oklahoma- steers and queers! And I don’t see any horns on you so that means you’re a queer!’

“Oh man you gotta see this movie!”


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