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Don’t Call Him That

Women get offended at times when being called “chick”, “bitch”, “cunt”, etc. by a guy. Of course it’s all okay when a fellow broad call her female acquaintances one of these words light heartedly – but us fellas have no clout when trying to say these things light heartedly to a dame.

Go ahead and call a guy most names as casual or as spiteful as you like, in most instances he’ll laugh it off or clock you in the head. Either way, 2 seconds and the name he was called seems to have disappeared in the wind like the farts which get a few chuckles for a brief moment. Yup, man is that simple versus his arch nemesis in women.

Until you use THE phrase. Call a man this death phrase and he will both tuck his tail and cup his manhood in protection from the shame (and in agreement), or punch you square in the face out of denial. Plans are made spur of the moment or he comes back with the news after regrouping at home and says: “Sorry guys, I can’t make it…”


“Eh, you know, just don’t want to piss off the Mrs…”

“Wow, you are PUSSY WHIPPED”

Now, to call a guy this immediately gives him a reason to question himself for the first time in his life. Or for the 40th time. Call him what you will- dumb, retarded, a dick…they all question who he is, not how he lets a woman run his life.

But why does it have to be the man’s problem? Why can’t it be that the guy:

-Would rather fight to hang out with another set of friends so he will not bother asking
-Fears the response he will get will force another domestic abuse charge
-Has a woman that is too insecure with her own self to let the guy go out on his lonesome

Perhaps being “pussy whipped” isn’t the right term. Try “Hey man, you can’t go out? Ah the Mrs-factor, gotcha. Give ‘em hell when you get home, see you later.”

And walk away.


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