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VagCunt Will Wear You Down

I mentioned a truly annoying bitch at my job “Tired”. I shall call her Beavis because she has the gums of Beavis from Beavis & Butthead- and with those type of gums comes a weird nose. So this chick is the boss’ right hand cunt. Together they are a force of cunts to be reckoned with. When Fridays roll around, they are in pure PMS mode.

But let’s start with the beginning of the week. Beavis gets annoyed every time you talk to her- or gives a weird scrunched face. Try talking to her on Wednesday- that face becomes so contorted that you really can’t do much but pray and hope the exorcism worked. Then “Fed Up Friday” is here. Ah. That’s when Beavis implodes into her vag and all you see is a walking cunt because it swallowed the rest of her body. She can not be approached. And like all women, any female that she interacts with will turn into a modified cunt themselves.

Enter the boss. Holy crap. We must remember now that women will cuntify in parallel with each other. So by Friday the boss has also imploded and reared her ugly cunt-head. And everything becomes urgent and an issue at work. The boss is on a warpath to fix things which her loser ass will work on anyway over the weekend. Boss penetrates Beavis to become VagCunt.

VagCunt will team up on you. First, it sends in a mini attack with an e-mail. Two minutes later it will surround your cube and ask why you didn’t respond to the e-mail. When you try to explain you’re bladder was on fire and you were away from the desk it’s too late. Beavis unleashes a scolding despite being on the same level as you in the office. But Boss realizes that Beavis makes complete sense in no logical way and says to do what Beavis says before VagCunt spews hot hate on you.

And you beg for Saturday. You pray. But what does it matter? You’ll be there in 3 days to start the cycle all over again.


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  1. […] prank included 3 strings of scotch tape blocking off Vag’s cube. She takes our pranks in good stride. But, you know how it goes with women. You don’t mess […]

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