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Caught in the Middle

I have been moved to a horrid cubicle as I might have mentioned before. Right outside the boss’ office. See below for just how close the boss’ office actually is, you’ll note that’s my view from my chair looking at the door with a glass window to the left which allows the boss’ eyes to peer into the side of my hotdog-neck.

In reality, I don’t belong in this seat. My interaction with the boss is very limited. But the coworker which sits one cube over from me and further away from the boss interacts with her rather frequently. This coworker- truly an annoying bitch if I ever met one- gets a call from the boss at least 5 times a day. They talk loud enough that they don’t even need a phone while I get caught in the middle.

Why am I in this forsaken seat? It’s like a scene from Clueless when the two hoes yap away on a cell phone next to each while they talk to each other.


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