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Wedding Gifts

Let’s wrap up the winning, the losing, and the weird gifts from our July wedding. This includes gifts from as early as the bridal shower back sometime in May to August.

Gifts that I don’t see a use for…aka the losing gifts:

-Nothing. Yup, those that said they were coming and didn’t, along with sending no gifts: I have no use for nothing.

-A juicer machine. I’m sorry- but who actually uses a machine outside of a blender to blend their fruits?

-A candle holder. Well not just any candle holder, because we had a few ordinary candle holders. This one, with candles on it, will look very gothic.

-Green place mats and towels. They match each other, just not our kitchen.

-Lemons. Yup. Plastic lemons. Picture is below.

Some winners for the wedding:

-Money. Yup, even the $50 from a family of 4…we’ll take it I guess with the assumption that we’ll never invite them to anything ever again.

-Things on our registry. A novel idea- anyone that actually looked at our registry and decided to go with even the cheapest thing on it comes out a winner because we can actually use the things we want. Novel idea.

-IPad. M’lady is the one using it and she loves it.

-Security. We needed a sense of security with all my minority people in one building. Especially after 2 known fights outside of the wedding among the invited. So we were given the gift of a security dude patrolling the floors when I would have no idea how to rent a guy myself.


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