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Leaving Early?

A coworker/friend was leaving work yesterday and passed by another colleague and both their boss on the way out. The colleague said in a nondescript way:

“What time is it?”

Friend: Pretty much 5.

Colleague: Wait, it’s a couple minutes before 5. If I was your boss that wouldn’t fly with me, mmHmmmmm.

Oh, Colleague is also black. Not sure if that was important here, but it did explain the call out here. Who does that in front of the boss? Both Friend and Colleague are on the same level. Boss? Boss don’t speak English well so Boss wouldn’t catch any American sarcasm or joking around unless everyone started laughing.

But there was no laughter, just awkwardness. And the next day Friend confronted black Colleague- and black Colleague just told Friend to “lighten up, it was a joke”. How is that a joke, I don’t know. More like throwing under the bus.

Where the hell do I work at??


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