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No, I Didn’t Sing Any Indian Songs

This past weekend we all hit a karaoke bar in the Queens. The area was highly concentrated in Asians so surely with minorities there were many Asian jokes to be had.

Here’s the rundown of our experience:

-In our group we had a couple of Asians that were meeting everyone else in the Indian-dominated crowd for the first time. So I am not certain the random “where’s our Ching-Chong waitress at?” comments went well with our Asian guests

-We probably spilled 5-6 drinks collectively all night because the table was too close to those seated

-I got very excited to sing Enrique Iglesias’ “Hero” in my best Spanish accent possible…I think I turned myself on with the great performance

-I watched the video tape the following day of my “Hero” performance and realized how delusional I am under the influence of DJ lights and drinks

-We were only allowed to order drinks from the place’s bar, no outside beverage allowed

-We all snuck in a bottle of liquor

-If you had folk under the age of 21 you weren’t allowed to drink in the room which you rock-u-pied

-We had folk under 21 drinking with us

-The singing lasted longer than we anticipated. By the third hour undercover cops came in to randomly inspect IDs…they didn’t seem to mind that we had a few underage teens in the presence of beer that we ordered from the bar

The night ended there. The final tally included 2 people not singing…it was weird. They were 2 girls, one I went to school with- and they came all the way to deep Queens just to watch other people sing horribly and not order any booze or bum off of us.


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