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Manhattan Has Bad Lighting for Indians

We went to a good friend’s backyard shindig Saturday night. The yard was a decent size for a city building and provided a nice little arena to mingle. There was one issue though.

It wasn’t dark-people-friendly. Mrs. Brownman had to constantly move me to her left side where the backyard light would shine on me rather than shine behind me. It was certainly easier for Mrs. B to be in front of the light due to both her short stature and light skin.

The only way Mrs. B could see me otherwise would be if I smiled and talked at the same time. For a while at this little get together I felt out of place because not only does the Upper East Side apartment building not make lighting suitable for dark people who probably aren’t allowed there in the first place- but I was the only dark person in the area. When we were walking towards the building we passed a restaurant with its doors opened and patrons able to observe the streets. A man kept staring at me from his table as we got closer- methinks because he feared I was about to enter the restaurant myself.

After a while a black guy entered the backyard and I was relieved of my duties being the token dark friend. I felt comfortable heading home because my friend wouldn’t be considered racist with the new black guy there. I’m so good to my peeps.


5 Responses

  1. The new black guy was actually not invited, I never saw him before in my life. So yes, you were still the token dark friend. That guy left shortly after. I was very uncomfortable about him being there.

    If you didn’t smile, I never would have even known you were there!

  2. You weren’t the only dark person there, didn’t you see my killer california tan? wtf.

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