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The Captain’s Hood

[16:50] Brownman: you think you would get circumcised now at your current age?
[16:51] Bellies: not unless i have to
[16:51] Brownman: u mad ur parents never did it?
[16:51] Brownman: didnt u have like questions as to why u never were?
[16:51] Bellies: no and no
[16:52] Brownman: would you circumcise your son?
[16:52] Bellies: yes
[16:52] Brownman: hmm why?
[16:53] Brownman: why not just let him grow up like you
[16:53] Bellies: even more reason to do it if you put it that way
[16:53] Brownman: really?
[16:54] Bellies: easy for the kid to pee
[16:56] Brownman: i agree
[16:56] Brownman: 30 years and i still have issues
[16:57] Bellies: lol
[16:59] Brownman: i worry that my boy will see porn, and get confused
[16:59] Bellies: lol
[16:59] Brownman: like “why am i not like them?”
[16:59] Bellies: LMAO
[16:59] Brownman: i totally thought that man
[16:59] Brownman: untill they finally let the turtlenecks into porn


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