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Momma Nuts or Knickerbockers?

[16:14] Brownman: would you let your nuts get slammed in a door by your mother or masturbate in front of the new york knicks to completion?
[16:14] Brownman: that’s NYK players and coaches, NOT cheerleaders

[16:23] Bellies: ow both are pain full

[16:24] Brownman: i wouldnt want to answer this absolutely possible situation

[16:27] Bellies: we should hold this question till tomorrow and make Tex Mex answer first and then never answer ourselves

[16:31] Brownman: lol

[16:38] Bellies: so is that a yes?

[16:40] Brownman: nah go ahead and answer
[16:40] Brownman: maybe i can text him
[16:40] Brownman: he’d appreciate it

[16:44] Bellies: one door smack huh
[16:44] Bellies: i think that would be it, ‘cause the penis would not work around man

[16:45] Brownman: so ur saying, a smack would end your penis’ career?

[16:46] Bellies: no my penis would not work in front of men so smack my nuts momma

[16:46] Brownman: ah
[16:47] Brownman: i am with you, i dont think i can get it up in front of losers
[16:47] Brownman: i kid i kid…in front of any man

[16:47] Bellies: lol


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