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Movie Review: Kick-Ass!

We saw this “Kick-Ass!” movie on PPV this past weekend. Well, it isn’t as “Kick-Ass!” as every friend on Facebook said. I certainly lowered expectations getting ready to watch this movie, and I should have lowered it further. Don’t get me wrong, the story and action was pretty fun…but the movie just lacked the humor I expected. There was potential, but I expected more when using this one particular chunky guy that played the friend of the Kick-Ass! hero. This chunky guy is a real wise ass in other movies; I felt he could have been utilized further.

I gotta admit though, watching a little girl kick ass as a super hero made me want to make one of my own. I’d raise her to kill people in secret behind mommy’s back, especially those at work. And she’d only use the “C” word (cunt) for good, dropping it whenever people piss her off.

Overall, Netflix or borrow from a friend- because there isn’t a good enough poop to take away from this movie. I give it 2.9 Poop Sticks out of 5- I was not satisfied afterwards and wanted to rent another movie when I was done since I didn’t get my fill.


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