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Friday Night Out

I chose what to eat Friday night for dinner and went with Wendy’s not too far from home. I just had the craving for it. So on the way home we passed by one Wendy’s which I skipped because…well it’s pretty ghetto in the area despite being very close to Long Island. I didn’t have any better expectations for the Wendy’s by our home because there are sightings of equally ghetto folk despite being actually part of Long Island.

But when we got there we saw a carnival going on across the street which seemed to attract all the white teenagers who couldn’t borrow daddy’s car. They came out of the nearby hicktown woodworks to enjoy something within walking distance that they can meet up with their boy and girl friends without being caught. So they also swamped the Wendy’s we went to.

And holy crap was the place packed with white folk. I would have never expected it. So the one cashier working the register finally was ready for me, but then told me to hold on why he helped the guy before me look for applications for a job there. Frustration has settled in. He finally came back- and continued to address the applicant explaining when is the best time to come back to work at this forsaken place.

He turned to me and took my order. After trying a few times trying to swipe my credit card on their busted machine he finally asked for cash. Mrs. Brownman, already frustrated with the obnoxious white kids behind her yelling and goofing around, grabbed some cash and gave it to this very slow African American cashier.

“Um, do you have 4 cents? It’s $15.04 and you have a twenty here…”

“You won’t take my card, now you want 4 cents. Now you’re asking for too much,” I said.

“Huh? It’s too much?” he began to franticly look at the twenty dollar bill and then the opened register in front of him.

“No…I mean…I was being sarcastic. I guess my jokes do not translate well with you.”

“Oh. So..”

“No. I don’t have 4 cents.”

Were teenagers that worked the register always this inattentive? Why am I stuck with stupid? I feel Mrs. Brownman attracts “Idiodicism”: the phenomenon which must have originated from inbred New Yorkers who have no idea how to function. New York is just too fast and instant for most hickstown/down south people to handle- I don’t know how they even want to be here. And they all seem to appear when Mrs. Brownman is least patient.


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