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I went to play some softball over the weekend with a few guys I used to work with and other people they know. Now some of us are pretty good players- compared against each other. Some are really great on the field. But, overall, everyone just sucks too much to have a right to be competitive. These guys will play by the rules and take everything rather serious.

But of course, you can’t get too serious when you see that half of the players are Dominican. Oh how do I know they are Dominican when historically in my blog every Hispanic seems roughly the same to me? Ah, check the pic below. A “platano” was on the benches for someone to eat later on.

These guys are naturally gifted at softball/baseball being Hispanic so they made some pretty good plays in the field. Like I said, however, the entire thing is a joke. They still messed up in the field consistently on simple ground balls…and when you get the ball past the infield you’re guaranteed a home run because the outfielders couldn’t get to the ball. Then you got the Dominicans cheating when asked the score.


“You sure? I thought you guys only got a run. Okay, 17-15.”

“Tee hee. Yo, shut up Juan! They think we got 15 let’s keep it!”

Of course, to make the game more comical most of the Dominicans look like they were pulled off of a bus heading to Ricker’s Island. They barely played okay softball, but I bet they can outrun and cop chasing them Speedy Gonzales-style. To finalize how bad these guys played overall, the final score was something like 35-28. Yes, we played softball- not football.

What upset me was the superiority complex these Mexican-like jackanapes have. I missed a pop up as a catcher and one platano-head on the other team said “if you catcha thee ball joo know that’s a out!” in a matter-of-fact tone. Yes Juan #3, I am well aware the game of baseball. I have played on organized sport teams before including softball. I am sure Juan #3 over here doesn’t have the time to play anything with his coworkers unless its synchronized lawn mowing.

“Yea fucknut, I get it,” I said.


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