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Bare Back Beaver: Bush or No Bush?

Bellies : does a hairy vagina scare you?

Brownman : yes. i would go in…but i worry. i know the stink pubes can trap

Bellies : cool just thought i was crazy

Brownman : crazy for what? liking it? or not?

Bellies : not liking it

Brownman : whoa who the hell u know would like it?

Bellies : there are people who do

Brownman : yea of course

Bellies : i mean they have site just for hairy bush

Brownman : haha. im just saying, which normal person we know would like that? we know Tex Mex may want a clean 12-year old thing going. bare beaver

Bellies : this is true i do not think i know a person that likes hairy bush

Brownman : i think it was on howard stern someone said retro bush is back. keep that shit in the 70s

Bellies : lol. i mean if it is, well keep vey thin layer of hair i can deal. but i rather it be clean as a whistle

Brownman : really??

Bellies : i like it smooth

Brownman : too gross for me…i mean i used to have to clean my sis when she was a baby
i am scarred

Tex Mex : stop typing for a sex

Bellies : for a sex lol

Brownman : of course

Tex Mex : shut up for a second so i can catch up wth. This chat program keeps returning to the current convo everytime someone types

Brownman : ok will do

Tex Mex : since i cant catch up BRB again

Brownman : ah of course

Bellies : does this mean we can talk?

Brownman : surely. so i am all for some bush, never a clean slate. to sum up. Tex Mex, u wanna defend the type of bush u like? or can we move on assuming ur a bare back man?

Tex Mex : lol. im like Brownman, bare is not really good for me some hair ok


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