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I Heart Camels

Brownman : Bellies! check out my reply to our Muslim’s friend’s comment regarding the hacking of his facebook account and the spam messages sent under his account… I said something like “don’t apologize, anyone could have guessed your password as ‘iheartcamels’”
u checked it out yet? Bellies? Bellies u checked it out?

Bellies : lol

Brownman : i wonder if its offensive to still make fun of our old Muslim from high school with camels?

Bellies : who cares

Brownman : like maybe his wife will show more skin if he doesnt get rid of us as FB friends…she’ll expose her nose

Bellies : LMAO

Brownman : then he gets all mad
and stones her to death
look what i have started
all cuz i said he hearts camels

Bellies : LOL

Tex Mex : LMAO! he hearts camels jajajaja


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