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Could Have Been Rich

Bellies : this website I’m on makes a lot of money…their old school content’s pretty good compared to the new stuff

Brownman : i agree. the days when they were just starting. we should have done this first and reap the rewards by now. Tex Mex, why couldnt u graduate school and do something with urself? Bellies, y u gotta stay in school for 5 yrs?

Bellies : i was bored sorry

Brownman : i cant carry our team on my shoulders man. not by myself. especially when combined u guys are 500 pounds. i barely bench 100

Bellies : sorry. when we hanging out again

Brownman : Dunno, let’s come up with a date.

Bellies : ok i do not want to do a “Brownman”

Brownman : and graduate on time?

Bellies : and double book

Brownman : ah


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