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Outside My Comfort Zone

I was asked by Mrs. Brownman to pick up her prescription at the local CVS yesterday. When I got there, they said no such prescription existed. Interesting. So they did some investigating and it turns out Mrs. B’s doctor called the prescription into another CVS. One in an area that strays from our town. As like many places- you’ll have a town that has the “good” area and then portions can be “bad”. Hmm, don’t get what I mean by “bad” yet? How about “highly concentrated in minorities”? That may help paint a picture for you.

So off I went. You see the town get progressively…darker as far as the people went. The houses got smaller and the grass got less green. I get out the car and I went from listening to Long Island-accented people to ones more Jamaicanier and lots of “mons” and “tings”. I had to refrain from damning Mrs. B for sending me to a land where I can blend in with but prefer not to.


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