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Brownman Will Return to New Jersey

[17:19] Brownman: man… new-frigging-jersey
[17:19] Brownman: i vowed to never be there again
[17:19] Brownman: i will be facing my demons

[17:19] Mrs. Brownman: u went for ATV’ing for your bachelor party

[17:20] Brownman: well i had no choice there in the atv cuz i didnt plan anything
[17:19] Brownman: you know why none of ur coworkers will go to his bday?
[17:20] Brownman: cuz its Jersey

[17:20] Mrs. Brownman: yeah i know

[17:20] Brownman: i vowed to never go to jersey willingly
[17:20] Brownman: or sober

[17:20] Mrs. Brownman: even the coworker who lives in jersey… i gotta talk her into it

[17:20] Brownman: haha
[17:20] Brownman: that’s funny
[17:20] Brownman: she doesnt wanna be reminded that she’ in jersey with other jersians
[17:21] Brownman: is that even what they’re called?
[17:21] Brownman: isn’t there something else?

[17:21] Mrs. Brownman: no idea

[17:21] Brownman: like “stools”
[17:21] Brownman: a combo of shitty tools?


2 Responses

  1. Funny, the Jersey folk think the same thing about Long Island.

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