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Water Bill

The other day we got the water bill and Mrs. Brownman decided to read the back of the bill. It was a bit higher as one would expect during the summer season and grass watering going on…but something motivated her to see if there’s anything she was missing. And behold- the back print I ignored.

Apparently, there is an extra service charge to use outdoor water (i.e. pipes/faucets outside your house) on even-numbered days if your house is an odd-number. Huh? So let’s do the math since I have the time to do so at work: if your house is 555 Cuntington Street and you use the outdoor faucets to water your grass on July 26th- there will be an extra service charge from the water company. How weird is that logic? Your grass will die this way unless you make up for the missing days by watering grass all day when you’re allowed.

Also, what if you’re house is 555? You miss 2 days going from July 31 into August 1 as you try to avoid the service charge and save the Earth. Screw that; charge me the extra pennies because everyone else on the block is busy outdoing me with their green lawns.

Boils my water!


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