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E-mail Strings

Once in a while I get copied on e-mails that don’t relate to me. Well actually, 96% of the e-mails I receive are irrelevant. But when there’s a problematic e-mail – like one that is almost condescending to its intended recipient I get a little giddy and read away. You pick up random insight on how the company operates and how little people understand the mere task of typing and e-mail etiquette.

Here’s my new favorite line that someone wrote below at the end of an e-mail in the string, verbatim and all in CAPS:


Followed by another e-mail of someone echoing the sentiments:

“Yes the time it will now take to calculate live maningful information is time better spent on driving sales”

Note the misspelling of the word “meaningful”. Why chime in via the “Reply All” button if you’re just going to essentially say “I agree”?


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