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Staying Outside the Race

I am so happy to have married outside my race. The problem with my type of Indians is that at every wedding, every chance meeting of another tanned person like myself, every social outing- fellow Indian chicks could be related to me. Yea, I’m not joking.

I used to joke about it because I would go to weddings back in the day and take a liking to a fellow turban-head woman (I’m kidding, my type of Indians are not ragheaded). Then out of nowhere my father would casually mention “Oh I saw you talk to Sunita Chakanaraineadinmckandon. Did she mention how her mother is doing? Yea, me and her mother used to be close as cousins growing up but then she came to America…”

Then my cousin told me the other day how every week at a party or event they go to him and her girlfriend have a “relative scare”. Pretty much they find out that someone on both their sides are related so they need to calculate the math and genealogy before they kiss again. His brother Bob is also in the same boat dating a fellow Indian. Bob is waiting to see if his current chick is more a cousin than a girlfriend. Very Maury-like!


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  1. You really dodged a bullet by marrying Mrs. Brownman

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