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Welcome to Marriage

So the first thing that happened since our return to New York after our honeymoon: I got my iPhone 4! Next thing: my mother dropped my laptop when helping with the unpacking of our luggage after picking us up from the airport. No big deal because the laptop worked well enough to get my iPhone set up (we got back at 11:30PM and I was set by 12 with my new iPhone). I began putting some music on the phone when my laptop just shutoff. No power. Nothing worked.

This means I will need a new laptop before using the phone any further- a new laptop means deleting everything already on the phone. Trust me, you can tell me all these workarounds but in the end, you will need to resync your iPhone and lose EVERYTHING. Stop telling me any different you nerds. Sorry, I get tired of hearing ways to avoid losing your iPhone info.

Let’s also take the time now to mention that our wireless internet and home phone was down when we got home. No explanation. It worked in the morning before I left for work.

I get to work and I get a text from Wifey that our power is out. Apparently a thunderstorm hit us hard. So no internet, TV, air conditioning, etc. for Wifey. She picked a lousy day to take off after the honeymoon. Good thing we didn’t do the grocery yet.

Marriage life is just full of everything else going wrong, huh?


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