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Back To Work For the Honeymooners

It’s all over. The wedding, the honeymoon week…I’m back to a normal schedule with no more wedding payments. Well a few more loose ends, but nothing major. Credit cards can get paid off, credit scores can go back up, I can resume looking for black friends that I don’t have to worry about inviting to the wedding…

I kid, of course!

The wedding went smooth enough; clearly there were things that upset the heck out of me that I can complain about now. For example, we have people saying “oh that was a great wedding!!! But…[insert complaint I could care less about but still am annoyed with here].” A lot of complaints that I have heard dealt with our DJ…but I can tell you right now if the bride and groom are happy, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.

It’s hard too for a DJ to play for Indian and White people in one party. Sure, there’s common ground with pop but after a while you get the shrieking lady and random drums that clear the dance floor of white people…or so I thought would happen. Rather, it was the opposite! The white folk were killing the dance floor, even to the Indian music. But when “Shout!” came on from the Isley Brothers…a straight up classic (especially after the titty montage in Wedding Crashers). Now I have seen my Indian clan dance to the song at many weddings. But for some reason they cleared the floor when it came on.

I was a bit disappointed too. I specifically requested that song along with the Beatles’ “Twist and Shout” because I thought everyone could have a ball with those classics. No dice. My people scattered back to their seats like roaches caught under the kitchen light.

I am afraid to hear what else bothered people about our wedding. I want to be under the illusion that everyone had a great time…but I know even my own sister felt it was “ok” for a wedding. But put these people in a random backyard party and they have a blast…and that’s the night they remember for the rest of the summer.

It takes a big event like a wedding to realize you will never please everyone and this pivotal moment makes you really think “F- them all.”


3 Responses

  1. I thought your wedding was awesome, much better than “ok”! And I am a HUGE fan of Twist & Shout and Shout. Also, the Dollar Dance, which NO ONE ELSE EXCEPT ME seemed to know. What, no jews who have been to a bar mitzvah in attendance??

  2. That’s rediculous! The family is stil talking about your wedding and it was awesome! Any one who says different is a stuck up snob who is also a complete dumbass. That wedding was beyond amazing and everything you guys worked so hard for paid off!

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