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Just Married

The Brownman is finally married! We must now prepare for our honeymoon in Mexico.

Wifey (wifey): Not to sound racist, but do they take our money? No pesos for us?

Brownman: How’s that racist? That’s more naiive if anything. And yes, they should be able to just take American dollars.

Wifey: Naiive? That sounds horrible. I rather be racist than naiive!


6 Responses

  1. Congrats!!! I had a wonderful time at the Brownman wedding and your speech was hilarious. Have a great honeymoon!

    • Thanks Dori! Best vacation EVER!

      • Hmm no I don’t think we have any shot glasses left, but I’ll check.

        And yea…dinner at 11…we were sacked with that info minutes before you all found out. The venue really came outta nowhere with that after we already discussed at length how dinner was supposed to go…i.e. served by 9:30!!

  2. Congratulations from your friends at nycandlove!

  3. That was the latest wedding I’ve ever been to (and not because you guys were engaged for fourteen and a half years). Dinner at 11…

    Do you have any of those magic shot glasses left? L and I left some on the table to bring home and the wait staff cleared it when we were away.

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