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Hot Time In The City

Is it hot in New York these past few days? No, really? I can’t quite tell. New York is more frozen than it is hot with all the A/C. I’m shocked there aren’t more blackouts. Especially with all the chunky people I have seen in New York. Today, with the weather over 90 degrees a coworker asked if the A/C was working. For once in my short life here at Tired I was comfortable and this fuknut goes ahead and gets the A/C blasting.

“Does anyone feel hot in here? Is it me? Hey am I the only one that is hot? Man I’m hot in here, the AC must be off, do you feel hot?”

Again, it’s always the chunky people. This chunknut has a job of walking around and fixing phones, clearly he’ll be hot. And as if clockwork BAM! Full blast. Much thanks. We spend so much time indoors that it’s almost impossible to get used to the heat because in 5 minutes we’re back in another freezer.

I used to hate New York and its heat. Now? I don’t care at all. I can take on a few extra degrees.


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