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Wedding and an Engagement? Hell No!

With a few more days until the Brown Man marries, I get thrown into an awkward situation. When the wedding seems to be more about people figuring out what to wear and whatever other selfish reason they got going on, we get another curveball.

Someone has asked us to have a few minutes of our wedding to PROPOSE to his girlfriend. And Fifi (fiancée) said he was ripe to do something like this because he and his girl have been dating for quite some time. I refused to agree with Fifi. But there we were, in shock as he tried to explain why he needed to do this and that he’d get back to us today with his decision. Like it was his decision to begin with.

It’s hard to tell someone directly “no” so I gave him every reason in the book not to propose at another person’s wedding. And I had some great reasons…especially the fact that his girlfriend deserves more thought than just proposing and piggybacking off other people’s efforts towards the wedding. And this hardheaded buffoon said “I’ll let you guys know tomorrow”.

I’m going to have to keep an eye on him.


One Response

  1. Let him as long as you get to kick him in the nuts when he proposes.

    Seriously, I thought every knew you never propose at someone else’s wedding unless you want to bang a bridesmaid and flee the next morning.

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