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Talking to Myself

Oh hey Brownman, fancy seeing you at work today…why are you morose?

Well inner voice, as you can tell I’m working today- wait, “morose”? Hold let me look that up…ah, just as I thought- “gloomy”. So yea, I’m only acknowledging you because I’m ready to blow my brains out from working today and barely anything to do.

Hmm, also looks like you have turned up the volume on your headphones.

Correct inner dude! As you may notice, I choose to work today which happens to be the same day my arch black nemesis is in. You know the one.

The big chick that sings the McDonald’s and Rhianna songs out loud?

That’s the one! She has now moved on to ruining other tunes so I rushed for headphones before she begins destroying classics like the Red Robin restaurant theme and Jay-Z hits. Why do these chicks insist on putting their best voice on too when casually singing along to music? It’s as though they feel they’re in the church choir and the pastor is begging them to sing louder.

Well Brownman, I’m out. You need to stop talking to yourself. Maybe you’ll get let out early. Stay strong.


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