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Dropping Loads

Tex Mex : Ur madly in love with ur respective girls and after marrying each one of them. they tell you that they want you to shit on their face… what do you do?

Bellies : LMFAO. what is going on in that mind of yours Tex Mex?

Tex Mex : weird porn is what is going on

Bellies : LMAO and to answer that is a HELL NO

Tex Mex : so she is going to leave u cause she wants a guy who is willing to take a dump on her

Bellies : NA NA NA NA NA NA hey hey goodbye

Tex Mex : lol. another question Bellies. being that ur big, i have a scientific question. when you take a dump, does the quantity of what u throw into the toilet, reflect your size?

Bellies : should i start off with “F U”?
Bellies : no. have you seen your kids take a dump? it is bigger then them

Tex Mex : I’m not asking about “bigger” dumb ass. just “higher” quantities. its an honest question

Bellies : no

Tex Mex : just want to see if there was a difference. talk about taking it personally.

Brownman: in answer to the original question:

a) ew
b) if im allowed to hose down my wife after dumping…
i guess i’d stay…
but if i have to do it, watch her enjoy it… i have to get out thats just not humane


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