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Toilet Talk: Early Vacation

I write to you all from my temporary iPhone until I get my new one. This one is from the 70’s so I have no idea if it’s used to being used on the can. Hmm and actually, it’s my fiancee’s boss’ old iPhone, so I dunno if he’d want it back…or if he’d fire Fifi.

Anyhoo, I plan on hanging out here for a bit. Currently my douchey bosses are away in vacation and I have nothing to do work-wise. Surely it may catch up with me that I’m busy playing fooseball and taking 30 minute breaks at a time every 2 hours…but with my wedding coming up I feel I deserve to work less than I already am.

I’m working the 4th of July Monday…though I doubt work will actually be done…and I’m going to have to think of things to do to make it look like I’m working. There’s only so many Excel and Word documents I can keep open while I browse the net and long for my new iPhone. I wish I had that iPhone now, this way I can play with that and people will stop passing by and catching me on all sorts of IMs with friends.


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