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Women Are Just Not Funny (intentionally)

I am convinced that women are just not intentionally funny. Maybe once in a while they intend to be witty, I’d say 15% of the time do they actually end up actually being funny. You laugh your ass off at them when they do some things like run over a guy’s foot with their car unknowingly, or try to grasp why an 8.1 megapixel camera will operate worse than a 6.0 megapixel that uses the big professional bulky lenses which won’t fit in their purse. That’s funny. But put them on stage to do comedy or try and make you laugh- it won’t happen. These chicks are not funny on demand. Prove me wrong.

Sarah Silverman? Maybe every 2 out of 6 jokes make you chuckle. Ellen Degenerate? C’mon. No really, c’mon. She’s as funny as a man’s ball cheese getting on your hands. Not so funny, aye? Nay, balls are funny. But not when you cheese ’em.

I just don’t think they have the funny gene…and it’s fine ladies. Stay hot. All us guys have is being funny.


4 Responses

  1. WTF

  2. i just wrote an blog post on this too… and i think i do offer one instance of a funny female. i won’t tell you who it is, you should read the article, but generally i would say you are correct about them not being funny. i’m not convinced however that they aren’t trying.


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