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Woman Got In The Way

[12:33] Bellies: Came home to my woman, who is home with a migraine

[12:34] Brownman: ugh migraines. she ok?

[12:34] Bellies: yeah 😦

[12:35] Brownman: lol you’re not happy she’s ok?
[12:35] Brownman: she gets better the minute she gets home and then u gotta entertain her
[12:35] Brownman: bitches

[12:36] Bellies: exactly
[12:36] Bellies: no porn watching

[12:37] Brownman: ugh
[12:37] Brownman: u probably had a day planned out too…. candles

[12:37] Bellies: lol

[12:37] Brownman: lower the shades
[12:37] Brownman: then make love to urself


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